Top 3 – Jörg Colberg

1) In the Car with R – by Rafal Milach 

The book is about a road trip that the photographer took with his friend across Iceland. The reason why I’ve chosen “In the Car with R” is because it’s somehow a travel journal between Rafal Milach and his friend. The photo-book includes text but not all the photographs have words written beside it. The cover of the book is very much different to the other photo-books that I’ve seen as this one is held together by two rubber bands which I find very unique. He took pictures of his journal, with pictures inside the journal and published them in his photo-book so it has that idea of “inception”.

2) Things Here and Things Still to Come – by Jose Pedro Cortes

The photographer José Pedro Cortes enters the lives of four Middle-East women who serves in the military in Israel. I found this book very disturbing yet at the same time intrigued as you can say that the majority  of the photos in the book were nudes. It’s different although it does not exactly portray their lives in the military but somewhere you can say in their comfort place of their homes as they pose in their underwear and sometimes naked.

3) Good Mother and Father – Sacha Maric

The name of the book captured my attention as of course the photo-book itself is about parenthood. It’s a combination of ‘odd’ photos that connects to family and meditation on life, sex and death all in which we can  relate too. What I like about this book is the layout. The pictures float on the pages with different sizes and on different positions. It is just a self-published book but from how it’s presented and laid-out it looks like a professional production.


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