Flowers of Dublin

“You photograph the things that other people walk by every single day and don’t notice but somehow you photograph them and make them beautiful” a compliment received by Brandon Stanton, the creator and photographer of the world-wide famous blog Humans of New York. It’s inspiring to what Brandon does with his work, he walks around the streets of New York City and takes photographs of strangers. A long the way, he would make conversations with them and sooner or later they would say something interesting that will stick within Stanton’s head that he believes will become a great caption for the photo of them.

I propose to do something similar yet with a slight twist, “Flowers of Dublin”. I was very much inspired by Brandon’s work, going around the streets capturing photographs of strangers and hearing stories about whatever they would want to share. But with this proposal, it is to capture the flowers that walks around the streets of Dublin and also to capture their story. The people who are carrying a bouquet of flowers or a single rose to their lover, friend, or family etc and listen to their stories to why they’re carrying a bouquet or a single handed flower. I’ve always found it interesting when I see people carrying a big bouquet along the city of Dublin, it makes me wonder…”Who the flowers are for? What the special occasion is? Or What did they do wrong?” This photo book that will be produced at the end of the year will be full of pictures of people and their bouquets along with their quotes.

In this case, it would mean walking up to a stranger along the streets of Dublin and asking them to take a photograph of them with their bouquet wherever they may be, along with questions to ask behind their reason to why they’re carrying flowers in order to make it more personal for my photo-book. I am very aware that this situation might be difficult but with the communication skills that I confidently have I think it won’t be a serious matter for this proposal. I would of course need to take into consideration that some people may not want to discuss their personal reasons which I would not force upon their own will just to get their story. But from my observation of Dublin City, as I’ve been living here for over 13 years now I’ve come to conclusion that the people of Dublin are very friendly and are very easy to have a nice conversation with. 

I believe that this proposal will be very challenging because you don’t always see people carrying bouquets of flowers everywhere. Luckily, Dublin Business School is located in the middle of Dublin City which makes the work a little bit easier which is why for the next few months of this Academic school year I will be carrying my DSLR with me wherever I go. Because you just never know when your next subject will walk past you. 


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